Schedule a Ride

Call our Dispatchers at 812-254-3225 and be prepared to provide the information listed below.  Vans are available on first-come, first-serve basis.  It is best to call 24 hours or more in advance to schedule a ride.  Same day services will be accommodated only if schedules allow with an additional fee.

When requesting a ride, please be ready to provide:

Reasonable Accommodations

Individuals needing a service accommodation or modification must notify Ride Solution of the request when making a reservation. Ride Solution will attempt to honor all reasonable accommodation requests.

System Rules

Cancellations and “No Shows”

It is important that if you don’t need your trip that you cancel at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled pickup time. Cancellations can be left on our voice mail when the office is closed.

If the bus arrives to pick you up and the driver cannot locate you or you have failed to cancel your trip at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled pickup time you will be considered a No Show. No Shows waste time and money, make other passengers late and cause service denials to others.

If you are reported as a No Show subsequent scheduled trips for that day are automatically cancelled until we hear from you to confirm your schedule.

If you recorded as a No Show for 20% or more of your scheduled rides within a 60-day period your service will be suspended for 10-days. You can appeal your suspension by calling Ride Solution at (812) 257-1101 and asking to speak to the Transportation Coordinator.

Weather Policy

Ride Solution reserves the right to suspend operation on certain routes if roads are deemed unsafe for passengers or drivers.

Passenger Conduct

No specific Requests

It is the goal of Ride Solution to provide the greatest number of passengers with prompt, efficient, friendly service at an affordable price.
Therefore, we are unable to honor specific requests for the following: drivers, seats, vehicles or routes.

More Information