System Rules

Cancellations and “No Shows”

Cancellations should be made as soon as possible. A “no show” occurs if a driver shows up for a scheduled pickup, and the passenger does not. Passengers who are a “no show” or fail to cancel their trips less than 60 minutes ahead of time will be required to pay for the trip before any future rides can be provided. Passengers with 3 or more “no shows” in a 60-day period may lose privileges for transportation. Remember that this time slot has been scheduled for you. A no-show or short cancellation has prevented someone else from riding.

Weather Policy

Ride Solution reserves the right to suspend operation on certain routes if roads are deemed unsafe for passengers or drivers.

Passenger Conduct

No specific Requests

It is the goal of Ride Solution to provide the greatest number of passengers with prompt, efficient, friendly service at an affordable price. Therefore, we are unable to honor specific requests for the following: drivers, seats, vehicles or routes.

More Information